Ellen Wu on Nikki Haley and the role of the model minority

Nikki Haley and the American Dream by Ellen D. Wu Poised and polished, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley at once personified and celebrated the American Dream as she rebutted President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday. In a … [Read More...]

Carl Wunsch: Has oceanography grown too distanced from the ocean?

With the advent of computers, novel instruments, satellite technology, and increasingly powerful modeling tools, we have vast knowledge about the ocean. Yet because of technological advances, a new generation of oceanographers have grown increasingly … [Read More...]

Solving last week’s L.A. Math challenge

We’re back with the conclusion to last week's LA Math challenge, The Case of the Vanishing Greenbacks, (taken from chapter 2 of the book). After the conclusion of the story, we’ll talk a little more with the author, Jim Stein. Don't forget to check … [Read More...]

The Best of 2015 in PUP books

The Princeton University Press “Best of 2015” list is a testament to those recent PUP titles that have resonated with a broad array of readers in prominent publications around the world. Congratulations to our authors. —Peter Dougherty Browse the … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – New Species

From page 197 of Birds of South America: Passerines: Since November 2011, there have been six new species described by several authors that had not yet been accepted as valid by the South American Checklist Committee (SACC) by the publication of … [Read More...]

Adrienne Mayor busts five myths about Amazon warrior women

Contrary to popular belief, the Amazons were not "man-haters" who gave up their motherhood to be warriors. While many throughout history have considered these women to be figments of Greek imagination, they were in fact very real, and roamed a vast … [Read More...]